Surgical Patients

Expect to be contacted by an Abington Surgical Center pre-op nurse after 12pm (either by text, E-mail or phone based upon communication preferences selected during pre-registration) the business day prior to your procedure with instructions regarding fasting and exact time for your arrival all of which are specific to your procedure and physician preferences. Please note that your time may change from the original time you were told due to changes in physicians’ schedules.

Preoperative fasting

A parent or guardian must accompany any child under 18 years of age to Abington Surgical Center. Failure to observe the above requirements may result in cancellation of your operation or procedure.

  • Please do not eat solids after midnight before surgery. You are permitted clear liquids (water, apple juice, tea, black coffee) up to two hours before the arrival at the Center. Please no milk, cream or orange juice.
  • All adult Surgical Patients, AT THE REQUEST OF THE ANESTHESIA DEPARTMENT, please take Tylenol 1000mg (as long as you are not allergic) with a mouthful of water before you leave the house to come to the surgical center. If you have kidney disease only take 500mg. Patients having Pain Management procedures or GI procedures do not need to take Tylenol.
  • On the morning of your surgery please hold all medications, except above Tylenol, and BRING YOUR MORNING MEDICATIONS WITH YOU TO THE SURGICAL CENTER. Anesthesia will determine which medications you can take.
  • Bring your photo ID, insurance card, and any MRI reports to Registration. Please be prepared to pay your applicable co-pay and deductibles. Do not bring any other valuables.
  • Do not smoke.
  • You may brush your teeth on the day of your procedure, however you may not chew gum or have mints.
  • Wear loose clothing and low-heeled shoes.
  • Patients having breast, face, neck or shoulder surgery please wear an oversized shirt, preferably that opens in the front, in order to make dressing after your procedure easier.
  • Patients having abdominal or leg surgery please wear loose fitting pants preferably with an elastic waist. Jeans are usually not a good choice since they do not fit over bulky dressings.
  • Please remove all body piercings.
  • Please remove false eye lashes.
  • Do not wear contact lenses. Wear your eyeglasses and bring your eyeglass case with you.
  • You MUST have a driver over the age of 18 to bring you and THEY MUST STAY HERE AT THE ABINGTONSURGERY CENTER DURING YOUR PROCEDURE, and then take you home afterwards. Someone should stay with you for at least 24 hours after your procedure.
  • You will not be permitted to take a cab/Uber or Lyft home unless you have an adult here at the surgical center to accompany you home.
  • Relax and leave the rest to us!

Call Abington Surgical Center immediately if you are unable to keep your appointment or will be late: 215-443-8505.

Download or Print: Day of Surgery

Expect a phone call from Abington Surgical Center post- operative nurses to check in with you regarding any issues you may be having after your procedure and if you have a full understanding of the post operative instructions you were given after surgery.

Download or Print: After your Surgery

  • Please bring the photo ID of the parent or legal guardian and your child’s insurance card
  • The child MUST be accompanied by parent or legal guardian (paperwork must be provided).
  • It is required that a parent or legal guardian remain at the surgical center the entire time the child is in our building.
  • Please bring a blanket, stuffed animal, favorite toy or other item of comfort for your child to take through the operating room and into the recovery room with them. Bringing a tablet/iPad or other handheld gaming device is also suggested to be used in the preoperative area as it is found to be a good relaxation tool.
  • For infants or toddlers, please bring a bottle or sippy cup for the recovery room and extra diapers.


Fasting Instructions

Your child may have a light meal (which consists of toast or formula) until 6 hours before arrival time at the surgical center.

Your child may have breast milk until 4 hours before arrival time at surgical center.

Your child may have clear liquids (which consists of water, apple juice, jello) until 2 hours before arrival time at surgical center.
Download or Print: Additional Pediatric Instructions

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