Finance & Billing

In person. By phone. Online.

You may choose to handle your Abington Surgery Center financial obligations as follows:

In person at the Center. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, personal checks, and cash. We do not accept personal checks for cosmetic surgery.

By phone. Call to pay your bill or set up a payment plan: 267-960-1401. Have your credit card, debit card or check available.

Online through our secure link where sensitive banking and credit card information is transferred, encrypted, and stored. View and pay outstanding balances using your credit card, debit card, electronic check, or Health Savings Account. You may elect to pay minimum monthly payments of $25 for up to one year.

Pay Your Bill  

Patient Financial Responsibilities

Facility Fee

Abington Surgical Center charges a facility fee for each surgical procedure. In addition, you will receive a separate bill from your surgeon and anesthesiologist (if one is needed), and for any other professional services you receive while you are here–radiology, pathology, lab, etc.

Co-pays and Co-insurance

As in all outpatient facilities and hospitals, you are responsible for co-pays and co-insurance required by your insurance company. When your procedure is scheduled, we contact your insurance company to verify your benefits and obtain co-pay information.

We then call you to confirm your financial responsibility due on the date of service. If information gathered from your insurance card is insufficient to determine co-pay requirements, you may be billed after the procedure.


If your insurance company requires you to pay a deductible before coverage begins, you are responsible to pay that amount on the day of surgery. You may arrange a payment plan in advance if you will be unable to pay the full amount on your day of surgery.

Your Bill

As a courtesy to you, Abington Surgical Center will bill your insurance company. However, any balance not paid by your carrier is your responsibility. If you do not have health insurance, or if you are a private pay patient (cosmetics), you are responsible to pay your bill either on the day of or prior to your surgery. We do not accept personal checks for cosmetic surgery. Additionally, Abington Surgical center offers a fee schedule for uninsured or cash paying patients. These rates include the surgeon/professional fee, facility fee and anesthesiology. These rates are published and can be found by clicking below

Self Pay Rates  

Payment Deadline

Full payment is due within 60 days from your date of service. Please contact your insurance company directly if you experience any delays. You are personally responsible for guaranteeing payment and being aware of your individual policy restrictions and benefits.


Abington Surgical Center turns over delinquent accounts to an attorney or collection agency. You are responsible for all collection fees incurred.

Advance Beneficiary Form

If you are scheduled to have a procedure done with United Anesthesia Services, PC, that requires you to have
anesthesia, or your physician has recommended you have anesthesia for your procedure, you may be asked to sign an Advanced Beneficiary Notice or “ABN”. View ABN letter

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