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Does Your Insurance Company Cover Anesthesia Cost for Pain Procedures?

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

When undergoing any procedure, comfort and safety is a priority for both the physician and the patient with anesthesia being a significant component in achieving this.

Recently, many insurance companies have updated their policies and no longer cover certain types of sedation commonly utilized in pain management procedures. This leaves many patients in the position of needing to pay for anesthesia services out of pocket to ensure a comfortable experience.
However, patients should be aware of conscious sedation as an appropriate option for its effectiveness and safety in variety of procedures to include pain management. In today’s healthcare environment, conscious sedation is an excellent option for managing not only the patient’s comfort level but their out of pocket expenses as well.

Abington Surgical Center offers conscious sedation, a safe, no cost alternative for your comfort during applicable pain management procedures.
Conscious sedation is a combination of medicines administered intravenously under the supervision of a specifically trained moderate sedation nurse and your pain management physician. Conscious sedation will help you relax, reduce your anxiety, and block the pain during your procedure.
You will be able to respond, but not remember and the effects will wear off quickly  after the procedure allowing you to return to daily activities.
Ask your pain management physician if conscious sedation is right for you.

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