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Does Your Child Need a Specialist?

Thursday, February 4th, 2016

In the Philadelphia region, we are fortunate to have some of the best pediatric medical care in the nation.
The Philadelphia based pediatric hospitals are consistently rated as one of the best (if not the best) across
multiple specialties according to US News & World Report. (Click here for report)  It is where the physicians polled said they would send their sickest of patients.

However, what if your child is not the sickest of patients but needs to see a specialist? If your child
is uncomfortable, it can be very difficult to wait for several weeks until a pediatric specialist has
an opening for your child.

It is always in your best interest to be your own advocate if your child is uncomfortable. Although your
pediatrician may be in network with specific specialists or referred you to a specific specialist
he/she has had a good relationship with, if appointment access is prolonging your child from getting relief,
it may be in your best interest to expand your options of specialists.

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The most common pediatric ailments that require procedures are inguinal hernias, persistent ear infections,
and inflamed tonsils and adenoids. In terms of numbers, approximately 700K inguinal hernias are repaired
surgically every year with ear tubes accounting for 500K procedures annually. An equal number of tonsillectomies
(with or without adenoidectomy) are also performed making these the most common procedures among pediatric patients.
With the high number of these procedures being done, techniques and positive outcomes for these procedures is
very high. Parents can feel comfortable knowing that a board certified specialist (regardless of hospital
affiliation) is going to have the proper training and credentials to perform a safe and effective procedure for their child.

Also important when considering a specialist is where procedures are performed. Many of these pediatric
procedures are appropriate for outpatient surgery. Surgery Centers typically have lower rates of infection,
are less expensive and provide a comfortable environment for both children and their parents.

Abington Surgical Center is pleased to work with physicians across specialities who do excellent work with
pediatric patients. This blog post is the first in a five part series that will focus on pediatric surgery.
Our next articles will focus more detail on pediatric anesthesiology, ENT, Urology, Gastroenterology and

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If you are currently looking for resources for your child, consider calling Abington Surgical Center for a
recommendation of a specialist appropriate for your child. Additional information about our physicians and
links to their respective practices is available under the “Staff” section of our website Remember, “We’re in this together!”

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