Why Choose Us?

Great surgeons. Great teamwork. Great success.

Abington Surgical Center

For over 25 years, patients like you have chosen Abington Surgical Center for our outstanding surgeons, caring teamwork, and high rate of surgical success.

Experience has taught us that great medical teams are made up of caring human beings, people whose compassion and bedside manner enrich the lives of their patients and one another.

You can trust our Abington Surgical Center team to deliver that kind of care. Our surgeons and staff partner with you and your family to provide a smooth, caring, surgical experience–one that produces successful results.

At Abington Surgical Center, you can also expect:

  • Easy scheduling
  • Convenient location
  • Free, ground level parking
  • Family-friendly atmosphere
  • Team-oriented patient care
  • Clear homecare instructions
  • Low infection rate
  • Outstanding surgical results

GREAT ECONOMY, too! If you have co-pays, co-insurance, or a high deductible health plan, you will likely save
money, in some cases up to 40%, if you choose Abington Surgical Center as opposed to a local hospital for your
outpatient procedure.

Pioneers. Leaders. Partners.

Abington Surgical Center

Abington Surgical Center was one of the pioneers of
outpatient surgery in Pennsylvania in 1989 when a group of physicians believed there was a better way to deliver surgical services.

By providing an outpatient setting specifically designed and staffed for surgery, they were able to send patients like you home the same day, eliminating the financial and emotional burden of overnight hospital stays.

Today, a quarter of a century later, Abington Surgical Center remains one of the largest and most experienced ambulatory surgical centers in Pennsylvania. Our 100+ outstanding surgeons and board-certified anesthesiologists, operate on over 12,000 patients a year. They cover a wide range of surgical specialties and serve patients ranging in age from infancy to 100.

In addition, pain management physicians use our operating rooms to
administer injections under x-ray view to relieve lumbar- and cervical-related pain for patients.

As ambulatory surgical centers have increasingly become preferred surgical sites, surgeons from such hospitals as Abington Memorial, Hahnemann (orthopedics), Temple (orthopedics), Pennsylvania, St. Christopher’s, Wills Eye, and Doylestown choose to bring patients like you to Abington Surgical Center. Here, in our seven operating rooms, they have access to state-of-the-art equipment and supportive staff to provide you with the best available surgical care.

Licensed by PA Department of Health. Certified by Medicare. Accredited by Accreditation Association for American Health Care.

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