Orbera™ Weight Loss

Abington Surgical Center is Now Offering the Orbera Managed Weight Loss System!

If you are struggling to lose weight despite trying various food plans but aren’t ready for surgical options, Orbera could be right for you!

What is Orbera?

Orbera is a two-part weight loss system that places a soft gastric balloon in your stomach to make you feel “Thanksgiving full” and helps you re-learn healthy food choices and portion control. While the balloon remains in the stomach for six months, patients are enrolled in a comprehensive twelve month program focused on nutrition and behavior mofication. Support resources are available online as well as through apps on almost any device for continuous support in meeting your health and weight loss goals.

Meet Penny! An Orbera Success Story from Abington Surgical Center

 Our Orbera Patients Have On Demand Access to Support Through “Orbera Coach”

Studies show that support programs are essential to the success of weight loss programs. We understand that busy lifestyles can get in the way of meeting your weight loss goals. “Orbera Coach” offers our Orbera patients support 24/7 through your smart device. This means you can have access to your support system, anytime, anywhere and schedule your support sessions to work seamlessly with your lifestyle.

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The Orbera Coach program includes:

  • Monthly (total of 12) one on one personalized sessions with Orbera trained registered dieticians that include motivational interviews, dietary assessments, etc.
  • 12 group support sessions for motivational and educational content with a community of peers
  • Educational content to include comprehensive nutrition, fitness and motivational content developed by certified experts
  • Ability to incorporate the latest behavior modification tools to include Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc.

 If You Are Going to Get a Gastric Balloon, Get it Done by the Best!

Orbera is the #1, FDA approved gastric balloon in the world. Abington Surgical Center is proud to have one of Philadelphia Magazine’s bariatric “Top Docs” for five years running offering the Orbera Managed Weight Loss System a our center.

How Do I Get Started?

To decide if Orbera is right for you, Abington Surgical Center periodically conducts live information sessions at our center where you can meet the physician and obtain the financial information (Currently, there is no insurance coverage for this procedure). If you want to get started sooner, please call Philomena Glowka at 267-960-1406 who will review the financial information with you and then direct you to our online information session. Upon documented completion of the online session, you will be eligible to schedule a consult with the physician. Information sessions are free and there is no obligation associated with their completion.

Upcoming Information Sessions

Monday September 12th.  6:00 pm at Abington Surgical Center

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